Childrens  and Adults Eye Tests in Wareham: 

taking a proactive approach

Look after the health of your eyes by getting your eyes examined regularly.  At Shaylers Vision Centre, we will help you see things clearly. Visit us on West Street in Wareham. 

We welcome customers from Dorset and beyond. Call us to book an appointment.

Retinal photography and eye examinations

Shaylers Vision Centre, we have modern eye testing technology, including digital retinal photography . This technology helps to identify eye conditions and other medical conditions before you have sight loss or symptoms of a health issue such as: 

High blood pressure
Blood sugar related problems
Renal disease
Pressure within the brain

Comprehensive eye tests are carried out  by  experienced qualified optometrists

At Shaylers Vision Centre, our team will perform a series of checks and determine how good your eye muscles work, the health of the inside of your eye, and how good your eyesight is, using the standard eye chart. 

Our optometrist will discuss the results and recommend the right kind of spectacles, with lenses that are suitable for your eyes. Our eye examinations are available for patients of all ages. Call or visit us in Wareham.

Eye tests for children - just as important as a dentist check up !!