Glasses and lenses for customers in Wareham: choose your ideal pair of spectacles

With our wide range of spectacles in store, we at Shaylers Vision Centre are sure to find a frame that suits the shape of your face and accentuates your finer features. Our store is easily accessible from Wareham, Swanage and Dorchester.

Our Ranges

More than 800 styles available

It can be very difficult to identify which style and colour of frame best suits your face shape and colouring. Our optical dispenser Julie has many years experience in helping you make the right decisions, and Shaylers Vision Centre has over 800 frames that you can choose from to suit your specific requirements. Julie can help you select frames for general wear, work, special events, sport, sunglasses, etc

Wareham’s lens specialists

Not only is there a huge choice of frames these days, there are also many specialist lens designs

At Shaylers Vision Centre, our team will perform a series of checks and determine how good your eye muscles work, the health of the inside of your eye, and how good your eyesight is, using the standard eye chart. 
Our optometrist will discuss the results and recommend the right kind of spectacles, with lenses that are suitable for your eyes. Our eye examinations are available for patients of all ages. Call or visit us in Wareham.