Professional Optometrists and caring staff in Wareham

At Shaylers Vision Centre, we have a team of experienced staff with a combined experience of more than 60 years. You can rely on their care and knowledge to help with all your eyesight and vision problems

Geoff Shayler BSc FCOptom FCSO – Optometrist

Geoff Shayler earned his degree as an optometrist from City University in 1973. He has since undergone specialist training with experts from the UK, USA, Australia and Europe, to understand how the visual system and brain affects our ability to function in a normal manner. 1 in 4 children have vision-related learning difficulties. Others have a lazy eye or squint. Adults can experience visual difficulties after brain injury, as well as when we get older. Geoff’s expertise on these subjects has led him to lead the way in many aspects of vision therapy in the UK and, as a result, regularly lectures overseas, including in Europe, Australia and the States. 

He has published over 35 academic papers worldwide on issues to do with eyes and vision, in leading optometry journals.

Loraine Shayler – Practice manager and specialist vision therapist

As our practice manager, Loraine makes sure everything runs smoothly when you visit. She has completed a specialist training in syntonic optometric vision therapy with the College of Syntonic Optometry. Loraine is also qualified as a colour and image consultant and is happy to advise you on the styles of glasses and frames that might work for you.

Julie Major – Optical dispenser

Julie, our expert optical dispenser, has successfully undergone specialist training in dispensing and facial measurement with world-renowned lens supplier, Rodenstock. She can help you with the best lens design for your glasses and choose a frame that suits from a collection of over 800 frames. Julie demonstrates how different lenses and coatings might work for your prescription, by using the latest technology. 


Maria Wheeler, BSc (Hons) MCOptom – Optometrist

Maria is an experienced optometrist, she brings additional skills for the benefit of our patients.
Her specialities include contact lens fitting and dry eye assessments. In addition, she has undergone extensive post-graduate training in Behavioural Optometry and Optometric Vision Therapy. 
She is married with a one-year-old child.

Kerri – Receptionist

Kerri is now our most senior receptionist, having been with us for several years now. She will help you with appointments, spectacle deliveries and paperwork.
Kerri took part in the UK’s ‘Children in Need’ in 2013 appeal as a part of a team that raised £8,000 for charity. The event involved travelling across Britain without spending any money.

Val – Receptionist

Val is the most recent addition to the staff at Shaylers Vision Centre.
Val has many years of customer service behind her having started her career in the hair and beauty industry. 

More recently she has worked for The Daily Echo and Leisure and Spa facilities

Michelle – Vision therapist

Michelle started working at Shaylers Vision Centre after she brought her son in for vision therapy. She was amazed at the difference it made to him, so inquired what it would take to train as an optometric vision therapist. At the time Geoff and Loraine were considering taking on another therapist, so she became one of the team in 2014, training with us as well as attending courses.

Hollyann – Vision therapist

Holly joined the practice in September 2018, and is training as an optometric vision therapist. She will be working with all our vision therapy patients including children with vision related learning difficulties, eye turns and lazy eye, as well as adults with conditions such as mild traumatic brain injury, computer eyestrain, convergence insufficiency, and balance issues associated with various health conditions.